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Pastel Cakes: Where There’s A Whisk, There’s A Way!

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Pastel Cakes, a Dubai-born online-bakery business founded by two sisters turned baking partners in crime, is now taking it’s talents to new heights and conquering the UAE one sweet-treat a time.

Conceptualized by the most admirable identical twin mothers, Maha and Nada Safa, the concept was born out of the love for baking in 2016. Since then, Pastel Cakes has been cranking out over four thousand deliveries per month, and show no signs of stopping! The bakery has been trending amongst Dubai communities through its new whimsical flavors, menu items, and services, turning into a full-fledged bakery.

Most known for their decadent, personalized cakes that make any occasion a sweet and memorable one, Pastel Cakes now accommodates almost every dietary need, much to the delight of their devoted customers. The company has since introduced a heavenly Vegan and Keto Chocolate Cake for those looking to enjoy something sweet while reaching their goals or facing dietary restrictions. But don’t let the name have you thinking Cakes is all they serve.  The bakery has now expanded their menu items to serve dessert cups, cookies, cupcakes, cake pops, edible wedding favors and more.

“Growing up with a twin meant that we naturally wanted to do everything together. Every weekend our mother would bake a different kind of cake – she would let us help her, and as we grew older, Maha started perfecting the recipes and baking as Nada grew an eye for detail, taking care of the overall aesthetic,” explains the twins.

From customized cakes to dessert cups, Pastel Cakes offers something sweet for everyone and boasts a variety of treats that UAE residents can indulge in through same-day delivery services.